Community management services that fit your needs.

Physical Plant Services (a la carte)

We strive to maintain our Condominium Association properties in a first-class condition in order to maintain overall appeal and protect the property values of the community. Specific items of preventative maintenance are discussed with the Board of Directors and then established in an annual budget. Scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance is done in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

We do not provide maintenance through any of our employees. Maintenance outside the scope of the site manager is contracted with a select group of approved vendors that are responsive, reliable, and cost effective. Our vendors have proven themselves to us over the years. We know that the work will be superior and the price will be justified. We are loyal to our vendors and they value us as customers. Because of this relationship, we are charged lower rates and receive maximum discounts, which benefits our Condominium Associations. Major maintenance items are always put out for competitive bids.

Some of the specific physical plant services that we offer are:


Conduct inspections of Association common-area property, grounds, equipment and other facilities.

Preventative Maintenance

Provide a preventative maintenance program for the buildings and grounds. Coordinate scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities.


Order requested or necessary repairs. Oversee the work and inspect finished product for completeness and/or compliance with contract as necessary.

Major Maintenance Project Management

Arrange for an outside professional consultant (when needed) to prepare specifications. Obtain and award bids, prepare contracts, and oversee execution of work to verify compliance with all stated specifications.

Resident Relations

Respond to complaints, concerns, suggestions or questions in a prompt and systematic manner. Arrange for common area maintenance and necessary repairs using a 24-hour voice mail phone system and on-site staff.


Select and supervise landscaping services. Ensure that the landscape maintenance agreement is being followed.


Monitor and inspect roofs to determine necessary maintenance measures. Examine gutters and downspouts for debris and hire cleaning as needed.

Fire and Safety Systems

Maintain fire and safety equipment. Ensure grounds are kept in a safe condition and enforce city fire prevention regulations.