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Homeowner Questions

I sent in my homeowner dues payment late and I received a late charge and a delinquent letter fee. Why did I receive two charges?

The Association’s governing documents allow for the levying of Association late fees and penalties to homeowners that pay late after the grace period. In addition, the management contract allows for a delinquent letter fee to be charged to those homeowners that pay late to compensate for the extra time and expenses related to the notification, follow-up, and collection of delinquent accounts.

We have a couple of owners that seem to regularly break the community rules. Will you contact them about the rule violations?

Yes. eCondoServices assists the Board in rule enforcement by sending out the rule violation notices. This is part of our contract. Upon receipt of a list in writing (email or fax) of the unit number(s) and the violation(s), and we will research the rules and send out the warning notice(s) to the offending homeowner(s). If the Board sees that the violations persist, we also send out the fine letters as directed. If a homeowner wishes to have a due process hearing about the fine with the Board, we supply the violation notices to the Board for documentation at the meeting.

Does your office prepare the resale certificates?

Yes, we complete the resale certificate and include the CC&R’s and documents that are required by State law and needed by the real estate agent to complete the transaction.

What about responding to telephone calls and questionnaires from lenders and escrow companies for units that are up for sale?

We also fill out the escrow and mortgage questionnaires, and answer telephone calls and questions related to the real estate transactions.

Do you take calls from homeowners?

Absolutely. We are happy to answer questions and assist homeowners with any financial or administrative issues. For maintenance requests, we refer the homeowner to a Board Member since the Board handles physical plant items at the community.

Can I use my bank’s bill payer program to pay my monthly assessment?

Yes. Those payments are received the same as a paper check (as far as the Association and eCondoServices.com is concerned). Be sure to have your bank make the check payable to your Association, not eCondoServices.com

I’d like to have my homeowner dues automatically withdrawn from my bank account just like my monthly mortgage payment? Can your company do that?

eCondoServices.com, LLC has been offering our ACH program (automatic dues payment withdrawal program) for several years for homeowners interested in the convenience of having their dues paid directly from their bank accounts each month. By participating, you can have monthly homeowner dues automatically withdrawn from either your checking or savings account. This program is very similar to systems offered by many mortgage lenders for monthly mortgage payments. Almost half of our homeowners use this service for making their dues payments.

Is there a charge for this ACH service? What if I try it and I don’t like the ACH program?

This program is voluntary and there is no direct cost to you to participate in this program. If you don’t like it, you may cancel by letting us know in writing with a couple weeks notice.

I am paid on the first of the month. When is the ACH withdrawal done from my bank account?

Withdrawals from your bank account are done on the third (3rd) of each month. In the event that the third of the month is on a weekend or national (and bank) holiday, the withdrawal will be done on the first regular business day following (i.e. if the third is a Saturday, the withdrawal would be on Monday, the fifth. If Monday, the fifth were a national holiday, then the withdrawal would be on Tuesday, the sixth).

Our Association's dues are not delinquent until the 15th of each month. Can I have my automatic withdrawal done on the 14th or 15th?

No. Association dues are actually due and payable on the 1st of each month, with no financial penalty until after the 15th (some Associations use different dates) of the month. The Association needs to collect funds at the beginning of the month to meet financial obligations that occur at the beginning of the month. If you wish to manage your money more aggressively by paying right before the delinquency date, the ACH system is not for you.

What fees and billings can be paid by automatic withdrawal?

Any fee or billing that is reoccurring and a fixed amount can be paid by automatic withdrawal. This includes homeowner dues, special assessment payments, parking, and storage fees.

Who is paying for the ACH program?

Our Automatic Withdrawal Program has been offered at no charge to homeowners for almost a decade. The costs associated with this program are being absorbed through banking systems, processes and relationships we have developed for our clients over many years. This pricing (or lack of it) will continue for an undetermined amount of time. We do not anticipate making changes to this policy in the foreseeable future. The program is evaluated each year for its viability and eCondoServices reserves the right to withdraw or revise the structure of the program going forward at any time.

The Association and the individual owners benefit from this program. The Association benefits by having eCondoServices provide a desired service to its owners. As far as banking costs are concerned, the benefit of having the funds collected earlier in the month reduces the Association's bank charges each month. Owners benefit by eliminating a check that they have to write each month, the cost of the envelope and postage, and avoiding the possibility for late charges and delinquent letters fees if paid late.

How do I sign up for the ACH program?

Either send an email to accounting@econdoservices.com or call us at 425-637-0415 and we’ll send you the ACH form to sign.